Android: Netrunner: a cyberpunk card game I can't stop playing

Recently, I've been playing Android: Netrunner, a living card game put out by FFG. I say "playing," but you should read that as "obsessing over," because once you play this game a few times, it hooks you like a neural interface. » 11/05/14 10:22am 11/05/14 10:22am

Surprise! Fracking Linked to Sudden Rise in Oklahoma Quakes

Given that my own state recently legalized fracking, I'll be looking forward to all the new and exciting geological activity! (More details below.) » 7/07/14 2:34pm 7/07/14 2:34pm

Cult Postmortem: How to fumble Horror

Recently, the show Cult came on Netflix. At about the same time, I had cards to sort. This lead to me watching a show that was old news five minutes after its finale. Clearly, the show was trying to carve out a horror/mystery niche, near the proven shows Supernatural, Fringe, The Killing, The Following, and most… » 3/15/14 4:06pm 3/15/14 4:06pm

Behold! The Father of Serpents Approaches!

Tremble, mortals! For Yig, God of all Serpants, the Burning Asp, has awakened, and now strides among you! Gaze upon his visage and despair! Clothes by Trussardi. » 3/04/14 8:46pm 3/04/14 8:46pm

I was a Teenage Creationist: Field Notes on the Culture War

When I was very young, science was incredible to me. I watched Bill Nye whenever I could, which was almost never—thanks, baby sister of yesteryear. At one point I heard you could watch him on the World Wide Web, so I begged my Dad to let me try. We sat waiting while our 56K modem struggled to load a full ten minutes… » 2/06/14 10:20am 2/06/14 10:20am

We've been horribly misusing Keanu Reeves.

Recently, I watched Man of Tai Chi, Keanu Reeves's directorial debut. It was your standard underground fight club goes bad movie, complete with angry white guy the protagonist has to defeat in the final fight scene. (Very light spoilers ahead.) » 1/29/14 7:59pm 1/29/14 7:59pm

Obama gets Excited about Research (Not Actually News)

Earlier today, President Obama came to my home state to announce a manufacturing hub in Raleigh, North Carolina. Lucky man that I am, I had the pleasure of watching the speech live on a TV from a Wendy's. Yes, I know, I've drunk deep of the Presidential glory. » 1/15/14 10:18pm 1/15/14 10:18pm

When do Authors Overexplain their Setting?

Since the posts about zombie science (zcience? Sorry) and ScienceMagic(TM), I've been thinking about when explaining a thing takes away from the impact of the story. See, in genre fiction, we deal with a lot of made up things. These things have to be explained to the audience to make sense. If you tell me Dan the… » 10/21/13 9:15pm 10/21/13 9:15pm

How to think about the Weird Stuff

In superhero comics, people with powers default to robbing banks. In fantasy, people with magic default to killing bandits (or evil soldiers). Science fiction can be better at this, but even there, the most interesting technologies are often used in weapons. » 8/13/13 10:37am 8/13/13 10:37am

Just finished Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne

Everything is horrible forever, now. The show was rife with violence against women, was horribly regressive, held ridiculous gender essentialist views, and generally felt like sticking my hand in a meat grinder. Why did I watch the whole thing, you ask? Well, it was six episodes, and the pilot was good in places, so… » 7/31/13 12:47am 7/31/13 12:47am